Meet Ike + Ally! There basically isn't anything not to love about these two. When they first inquired, we initially hit it off because they currently live in New Mexico and I had just moved from there. If you've lived or live in New Mexico, you know it's a world of it's own so it's definitely something to bond over if you meet other people who live or have lived there. After they decided to book with me, I convinced them to come out to my property in Northern Colorado for their engagement shoot. I was so excited and a bit nervous about this because I think where I live is PRETTY COOL but wasn't sure if others thought the same. The day came and they were just as excited as I was about their engagement session spot and I couldn't have been happier. We started off in Forest Service land with all the tall grasses with scattered pines and the sun shining through them. 

rist canyon engagement session

Bellvue, COlorado


One of my favorite things about this couple is Ike's genuine admiration for Ally. He adored her and it showed throughout our entire session. He continued to be silly, make her laugh, and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Not every guy is this generous when it comes to photos but he was a rockstar. 

After we finished part of their shoot in this location, we moved onto my property just a couple minutes down the dirt road. 

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