I am native Floridian who now lives in a cozy home with some acreage in the mountains just west of Fort Collins, CO with my awesome husband, our three beautiful daughters, + our dog clan. 

I am a Christian, first and foremost and am so blessed to live the life I do. I would say I am a solid mixture of fun-loving and focused. I am an organizational nut + have a knack for decorating spaces. I have been known to take in a stray dog or four. I am a mama to my beautiful daughters have completely fell in love with Motherhood. I am exhausted most days but my girls are totally worth it all. My husband and I are pretty handy/crafty and have been known to redo a house or two. I have recently dove into the world of essential oils + am lovin' it! 
Give me a glass of wine + fireplace + a cozy blanket + a good movie and I am one happy camper. 


Meet The Artists Behind The Lens

Understanding the fleeting nature of moments + how quickly life passes us by makes each photograph so very special to me. 

My approach

Throughout my journey as a photographer, from hobby to profession, my style + approach has molded + changed. In the last few years, I have realized that my photography will constantly be evolving as I continue to grow as a person. After having my daughter, photography became even more important to me + has allowed me to feel wholly connected with my couples + families. Understanding the fleeting nature of moments, how fast our little ones grow + how quickly life passes us by makes each photograph so very special. There are many things that fade over time, even details of fond memories, which is why taking time to photograph your family or capture life's special events is essential. These memories are not only for you, but more importantly for your children and their children. 

When it comes to photographing your wedding, family, or new season in life, I like to think of myself as a story teller. I want your photos to display who you are + where you are in life. I want you to look at your photos and say fondly, "that is us." I strive to book couples + families who I have common ground with and who feel the freedom to trust me and my creativity. Photographing moments instead of poses to help tell your story through the connection you share with one another is my goal. I like to guide you with prompts and silly activities to create a fun and safe atmosphere to be yourselves. Yes, we will do a some "look at the camera and smile" photos because those are important as well, but I try and avoid heavily-posed images. My style works best for those who are energetic, fun-loving, enjoy nature, and love their family.  

If you here for the wedding side of my photography, I am with you though the whole planning process! Your story is important to me and I am here as a resource to help through this new + exciting adventure. I will guide you as you create timelines and ensure we work around the best natural-light available. Building a relationship of trust and friendship is key so that you feel 100% in the moment on your wedding day!

If you've stopped by for the family portion of my photography, I've got you. Take a deep breathe. I understand that every family is different, every pregnancy is unique, every baby is precious. I know it takes a lot of prep work to get everyone ready for photos, to get outfits picked out, kids dressed, + maybe a couple glasses of wine. ha! I strive to create a calming + relaxed atmosphere no matter what the circumstance. I put on my "go with the flow" attitude so that when you look back on these photos, it was not a stressful experience, but a rather a joyful one. 

For my families

FOR MY couples